Midwest Neurology, Spine & Pain

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    Medical Records Release
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    Spine, Pain, Medical Records Release

Case Description

Our client has one of the largest and most experienced practices in the midwest. Their staff, skilled in dozens of specialties, works together to ensure quality care and successful recoveries.

Process Improvement & Automation

Our team reduced the lead time of Medical Request Requests from weeks to days

  • Managed Medical Records Release Services The team at Providerflow now handles all Medical Records Requests. Everything from Data Entry, Compliance Review, assembly of documents to release, quality assurance, and billing is handled by certified professionals.
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Faster Delivery, Greater Compliance

By transitioning the review, assembly, and delivery of Medical Records to Providerflow, the client has unified their processes and:
  • Accelerated sharing of critical information with Patients, Attorneys, and the Care Team
  • Improved Patient satisfaction
  • Drastically reduced internal operating costs
  • Generated additional revenue through Providerflow's unique revenue sharing agreement