Fax Processing

Digitizing inbound and outbound faxes

Fax Processing Services

Fax processing plays a critical role in all healthcare practices. Be it inefficiencies in the processing of faxed PHI documents into a patient’s EHR or inaccuracy in the filing of such PHI documents, these mistakes could lead to serious consequences to your practice. By outsourcing your fax processing to us, your organization can benefit from better business operations with regular, timely, and accurate fax management.

Over the years, ProviderFlow has offered healthcare organizations with customized fax processing services for the automatic handling of day-to-day medical records (PHI) being received.

We use a combination of automated text recognition software along with a highly skilled team of experienced medical clinicians for the fast and accurate processing of faxes (from receipt to EHR filing).



  • Reduce cost and accelerate the processing of your faxes into your EHR system
  • Reduction in total number of errors and misfiles
  • Detailed reports of all the faxes that are processed along with reconciliation summaries
  • As a value addition to our fax processing services, we also perform reconciliations of the faxes processed with your EHR vendor account to ensure accuracy
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