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ProviderFlow Scan combines arduous workflow with cutting-edge document imaging technologies to deliver the most powerful scanning solution of its kind to the Healthcare Community. With leading EMR integration, you can now easily scan records directly into your electronic charts. Scanning just got easier!

Faxing / AutoFax

ProviderFlow Fax/AutoFax is an EMR integrated faxing solution that will significantly and immediately reduce your practice’s faxing costs by eliminating phone lines, minute bundles, modems, and fax boards. With seamless integration with leading EMR vendors, you can process faxes directly into your EMR!

SecureShare / NHIN Messaging

ProviderFlow SecureShare/ NHIN Messaging makes secure file sharing easy and affordable for your practice. Whether you are sharing medical records, legal documents, or any other type of document, ProviderFlow gives you a simple, secure, solution for storing and securely sharing your files in the cloud.

ProviderFlow DMS

ProviderFlow DMS combines powerful workflow with the most cutting-edge document imaging technologies to deliver the most powerful scanning solution of its kind to the Healthcare Community. Intergraded with many leading EMR vendors, you can now easily and quickly scan records directly into most any EMR program!

Records Release

Managing the Release of Information (ROI) for Protected Health Information has become more and more difficult for healthcare organizations to manage due to the ever changing federal and state regulations. ProviderFlow can help you manage and mitigate your associated risk, transforming your ROI into a revenue stream.


MedRecsNow.com is a online portal for medical records exchange that is designed to provide a simple, HIPAA secure, cloud-based solution for Medical Practices, Attorney’s offices, Insurance Providers, other 3rd Party Requestors, and Patients to exchanged PHI (Protected Health Information) and securely communicate with each other. 

ProviderFlow Professional Services

Our Services are available on an as needed basis. We are here to fill in any gaps and optimize outdated systems.

Records Release

ProviderFlow Records Release is a service offered that manages the many challenges that providers face on a daily basis. As a leader in the document sharing industry, we have the fastest turnaround time that will not only save you time but diminish the risk and transform ROI into a revenue stream for your medical office or business.

Chart Conversions

ProviderFlow Chart Conversion services allow our team of trained medical professionals to key important information from a patient’s medical charts into you EMR system without disruption to your practice setting; achieving meaningful use while creating a centralized repository of critical data elements.

EHR / PM Migrations

ProviderFlow’s EHR/PM Migration services uses real-time API integration with the top EHR and Practice Management Solutions Companies in the world. In addition, we use proprietary, ‘Intelligent’ data and document conversion technologies to simplify the process of extracting, converting and migrating data from one system to another.

Fax Processing

ProviderFlow Fax Processing plays a critical role in healthcare practices. Many inaccuracies of filing and processing patients medical records will be greatly reduced when outsourcing this service to ProviderFlow. Your organization will benefit from better business operations with regular, timely and accurate fax management.

Forms Completion

ProviderFlow Forms Completion team of clinicians are dedicated to the finalization of disability, FMLA, Worker’s Comp and other medical forms.  Not only will our team efficiently complete these forms for your practice efficiently but will also provide your office with comfort knowing that the forms are completed accurately.


ProviderFlow Consulting service is a benefit to any business. Our clients range from large healthcare practices to individual practitioners nationwide. Regardless of your organization’s needs, our approach of customizing workflows has proven successful in establishing and maintaining long-term relationships with our clients.

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